India Independence Day

Last month, India celebrated its 69th birthday.

On August 15, 1947 India attained its independence from the British Empire. On that day, India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru raised the national Indian flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi.

Independence Day, one of three Indian national holidays, includes flag hoisting ceremonies and other cultural traditions taking place throughout schools and colleges across the land.

This year we received photos that captured our students at Sunrise Home and the Blind School looking sharp as they celebrated their country’s Independence.

Blind School

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Sunrise Home

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Tribute to Helen “Mummy” Eager

This year Asian Aid continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary and the person who propelled it to what it is today.

Australia native, Helen Eager is a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to building an organization that could reach out to thousands of children and families in poverty. with determination she sought to reach out to the forgotten and share with them the love of Jesus.

Helen gave up everything and meet people where they are.
Helen loves every child she meets.
Helen, we say THANK YOU!

New Computers at Jeypore


The Immanuel Adventist School, in Jeypore India, is the largest Asian Aid School with over 400 Asian Aid children.

Most of these children come from tribal areas. Immanuel school, started in 1997, gives over 850 students a brighter future in a region that needs such opportunities. For many of those sponsored by Asian Aid, an education is only possible through sponsorship.


Now with 20 new computers, the students will continue to receive the quality of education they deserve. As we have learned in western societies, computers are a vital aspect to primary and secondary education. Having a basic understanding and the ability to maneuver through standard programs and the internet prepares the next generation for the workforce. This special impact on these kids at one of the largest Adventist mission schools in India is possible in part from donors like you!

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