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During his Holiday Tour, Jaime Jorge, world-renowned violinist, prepared to pick up his prized violin and walk on stage in Birmingham, Alabama to share his passions for God and for music. This concert would give Jaime the opportunity to share his other passion— Asian Aid USA and child sponsorship. For more than a year, Jaime has traveled as an Asian Aid Ambassador sharing the blessings of child sponsorship. During the concert he was going to air a video of his trip to Myanmar with Asian Aid CEO, Jim Rennie. Jaime wanted everyone to see for themselves the need of the beautiful children of Myanmar to learn about Jesus. Tonight was going to be a blessed night.

Rocco sat down with his mother Gina on a church pew ready for the concert to begin. Rocco loved music. As Jaime’s trip to Myanmar played on the screen, Rocco watched intently. Myanmar was so different from anything Rocco had seen in his 8 years. From the tall mountains, to the large gold temples, to the narrow boat where Jaime sat with a slender native navigating down the river, it was all so different from his world. Rocco was intrigued by their faces, their classrooms and even the type of sunscreen they used to coat their faces. Rocco turned to his mother and politely asked for her phone. His tiny fingers opened up the calculator application and keyed in 38 x 12 = $456. He showed her the numbers and asked, “Do I have enough to sponsor a child for a year?”

rocco-filling-out-form2She smiled and told him that he did. Rocco had always been careful to set aside the money he received on his birthdays and Christmas. Jesus had spoken to his heart and now he would be able to put those funds to good use. After the concert, Rocco and Gina selected a Myanmar child to sponsor—Nay. Rocco attended a Christian daycare center since he was a baby. This Christian education left an impression on him. One day, at four-years-old, he came home and proclaimed, “Mommy, we haven’t been going to church but we should!” The following weekend they found a church to attend and as they pulled in, Gina rolled down her window to ask a man where to park.She explained it was their first time to attend. Rocco piped in from his car seat in the back, “But we’ll be coming here forever!”

jaime-and-rocco-2Now, Gina and her husband have given their hearts to Jesus and Rocco has been dedicated to Him, too. This was a day full of joy. Rocco now has two parents who don’t just love him, but love and live for Jesus. Today Rocco and his step-father are learning to play the piano and the guitar and hope to share their testimony through music. Since becoming a sponsor, Rocco says he, “feels changed.” He prays for Nay daily. Nay has a special place in Rocco’s heart and he hopes that one day, they might meet if not here, then in Heaven. That night at the Jaime Jorge concert will always hold a special place in their hearts. Gina is so proud of Rocco for being willing to be used by God. “I am so grateful to God for His son, Rocco. While I gave Rocco life, Rocco saved my life. To God be the glory for it all!”


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Kids Helping Kids

For most 11 year olds, birthdays mean cake, gifts, and lots of fun!

For Rebecca Mercado, instead it was an opportunity to raise money for Asian Aid. In December 2015 Rebecca, her mother Connie Mercado, and 19 others boarded a plane from LAX airport, in Los Angeles, to India. Rebecca was excited for her two week adventure!

Connie and Rebecca

Rebecca quickly came face-to-face with the unique beauty and culture of India. Arriving at Bobbili Blind School she was welcomed with rose petals and bouquets. At Sunrise, they greeted her with a large welcoming banner. She met so many new people, put on a Christmas program, and enjoyed playing on the same grounds as our Asian Aid children. All too quickly the trip came to a close.

Arriving back in the USA, thoughts of India lingered in her thoughts. She recalled playing outside one day and falling. It hurt because of the tiny sharp rocks. Realizing that not every child at these two schools had flip flops, she wanted to do something about that. Why should they get hurt the way she had? When her birthday party came around, she asked friends and family to bring a donation for Asian Aid instead of a gift. Held at the beach with a flip flops theme, Rebecca raised over $400 and $650 in total the weeks following her party. Now 12-years-old, Rebecca can look back with pride on the impact she made in India—280 little feet say thank you!




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