A Young Girl’s Escape from Death

Soniya with mother

Nine-year-old Soniya Thapa is from Sindhupal Chowk, a small remote village about four hours from Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital. Sindhupal Chowk is situated in a region that is close to the epicenter of the earthquake that devastated Nepal a little over two years ago. April 25, is a day Soniya will never forget because it is the day that she almost died.

On the morning of April 25, 2015, Soniya was washing her hands in a sink outside of her home when suddenly her feet began to shake. Before she could figure out what was going on, she heard someone shout “earthquake!” She panicked and instead of running to a safe place outside, she ran back into her home. Instantly, the roof above her gave in and buried her feet under debris.

Through the debris, she could hear her grandfather calling her name. She tried to call out to him, but he was not able to hear her. Nearby, Soniya’s parents hadn’t yet realized she was missing. But it was her uncle who finally heard her voice trying to break free from beneath the debris.

With his bare hands, he began to remove all that was between him and his niece. Soon others joined in the rescue for time was of the essence. As Soniya faded into unconsciousness, the rescue continued. Two hours later, she was freed and transported to a carto begin the four-hour journey to Scheer Memorial Hospital.

Soniya underwent five surgeries for multiple injuries and it took over three months for her to recover. All the while she was at the hospital, her mother was by her side. During this time, Soniya’s mother was also able to get a job in the hospital cafeteria and came to learn about the school behind the hospital.


One day, Soniya’s doctor asked her what she wished for in her heart. She quickly responded, “I want to go to school”. This was a wish that could easily be granted. The doctor spoke to the school principal about this eager-to-study girl who was still hopeful despite all that she had been through.

After her recovery, she was admitted to the ESA Memorial School. Today, Soniya is thrilled to be able to attend her first-grade classes. She is a student — just like she wished.

When you choose to sponsor a child, today, you can impact a child like Soniya. Are you ready to sponsor a child, now? Nay Tha, is a boy waiting for a sponsor like you to give him hope.  Give us a call at (866) 569-7933 or email us at support@asianaid.org to sponsor Nay Tha, (U19891).

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Top Instagram Posts of 2016

To ring in the new year, let’s take a moment to celebrate your favorite Instagram posts of 2016.

No. 5  Welcome to Instagram, Asian Aid!

With five countries each with their own rich cultures and over 3,500 shinning faces, our sponsored children have so many stories to share. Now, Asian Aid has joined the Instagram community to further connect them with you.

No. 4  The Beauty and Culture of Myanmar

Located on the southwestern end of China, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is the 40th largest country in the world with over 53 million people. As the Asian Aid program continues to develop there, we are proud of the many wonderful people that we are meeting and the amazing children that are getting the opportunity to learn.

No. 3  Girls Deserve to Learn As Well

About 65 million girls around the globe are denied the right to an education merely because of their gender. At Asian Aid, whether you’re a girl or a boy every child deserves an education. We are proud to sponsor both girls and boys that attend quality Adventist schools in Southern Asia.

No. 2  The Source of Our Compassion

Through the joy of the Lord, each day we are able to reach out and serve others. We put our faith in God that He is with all of us on this journey called life.

No. 1  I Love My Sponsor

The support of our sponsored children would not be possible without all of the love that pours out from sponsors like you. We love you!


2016 was a great year! So, follow us on Instagram as 2017 will also be a great year.


Top 5 Ways We Support Children

It is no secret that many children around the world are getting the short end of the stick.

Too many are lacking a positive support system, healthy meals three times a day, the opportunity to go to school, safe drinking water, and so much more. What a list–and it isn’t a good one. For 50 years Asian Aid has worked hard to change the circumstances of thousands of children.

Asian Aid USA is passionate about helping “the least of these.” (Matthew 25:40) By going to the font lines to tackle these issues in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, we have seen that there is still much to do. That’s why we do not work alone. Through various partnerships, our mission of giving hope Today is accomplished.

What are the top 5 ways we are supporting children in Asia?


Special Needs Children

It is not easy being born with a birth defect. Every day is filled with more challenges than for the average person. From moving around from room to room to eating a meal, it is not easy. As in western countries, many children are born with a birth defect such as blindness and hearing loss. With little schools or programs designed to meet their needs, these children with special needs live without hope of where the future will take them.

Asian Aid is proud to address this need by providing a school for both the blind and deaf. At these schools, over 250 students are able to learn using a curriculum designed specifically for them. The blind learn how to read Braille and the deaf learn Sign Language. Asian Aid works to provide a way for their dreams to come true just like the other boys and girls.


3 Meals a Day

The continent of Asia has the most hungry people in the world–about two thirds of the total. What an alarming number! Countries such as India are no exception as a result of the high number of families and orphans living in poverty. Seeing the effects of hunger on these powerless children led to the start of many programs in Asian Aid including our various orphanages. At each orphanage and every school Asian Aid partners with, going to bed with a very silent stomach is the norm. Whether the child is a boarder or day student, they know their bellies will not be empty.


Access to Safe Water

1 in 10 people in our world lack access to safe water. That is a world in which a child could develop diseases such as diarrhea or cholera from merely quenching their thirst. With toxins from the water getting into the body, the immune system would be weakened allowing viruses and bacteria to take over. All this because a parent does not have access to safe water for their child.

Asian Aid saw this as an opportunity–opportunity for thousands of children to fill their water bottles with clear-clean water. The water we drink should not be the same color as the dirt beneath our feet.


Nurturing Orphans

There are an estimated 132 million orphans around the world. This could be a result of a child’s parents passing away or from being abandoned. Being out in the world on their own leaves them prey to individuals who plan to traffic, enslave, prostitute, and more the vulnerable. About 11% of children are forced into child labor situations. Although there are adults in their lives, the adults are not there to provide a safe environment, health, and an education.

Through orphanages like Sunrise Home, Asian Aid seeks to nurture more than 250 orphans and help them to grow into healthy, not hurting, adults. Our orphans receive love, hugs, and special attention no. Attentive staff help them get ready for school in the morning, help with grooming, teach them how to make their beds, and ensure they eat breakfast. They will be there is a child catches a cold or scrapped their knee playing volleyball. Our orphans know that we are there.


Learn About the Love of Jesus

Nima’s family was murdered and he was left for dead. Taken in my Asian Aid, Nima was introduced to a forgiving God. A God that forgives his sins and can help him forgive his family’s killer. Today he is driven by love instead of anger.

All of Asian Aid’s children attend Adventist schools with the desire that as they learn more about Jesus, they will allow Him to change their hearts. Every day they are exposed to a community of people that pray when they need help, who read the Bible, and learn to live like Jesus lived. Asian Aid does not merely want to educate children for this world, but prepare them for eternity.