Asian Aid USA has Moved

Asian Aid USA has Moved (1)

5631 Watkins Street, Ooltewah, TN 37363

On May 19, 2009, Asian Aid USA moved from Auburn, Nebraska to Collegedale, Tennessee with growth in mind. Eight years later, Asian Aid has outgrown its small office space. With six employees, it was time for a larger space. After much searching and prayer, God led us to the perfect location—just five minutes from the old office.

We purchased a two-story home that is now our commercially zoned office building. It allows for each staff member to have enough work space, plenty of storage, parking and room for growth. We are grateful for this gift from God and invite you to stop by for a visit. Our phone number (423) 910-0667 will remain the same as will as our email,

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A Young Girl’s Escape from Death

Soniya with mother

Nine-year-old Soniya Thapa is from Sindhupal Chowk, a small remote village about four hours from Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital. Sindhupal Chowk is situated in a region that is close to the epicenter of the earthquake that devastated Nepal a little over two years ago. April 25, is a day Soniya will never forget because it is the day that she almost died.

On the morning of April 25, 2015, Soniya was washing her hands in a sink outside of her home when suddenly her feet began to shake. Before she could figure out what was going on, she heard someone shout “earthquake!” She panicked and instead of running to a safe place outside, she ran back into her home. Instantly, the roof above her gave in and buried her feet under debris.

Through the debris, she could hear her grandfather calling her name. She tried to call out to him, but he was not able to hear her. Nearby, Soniya’s parents hadn’t yet realized she was missing. But it was her uncle who finally heard her voice trying to break free from beneath the debris.

With his bare hands, he began to remove all that was between him and his niece. Soon others joined in the rescue for time was of the essence. As Soniya faded into unconsciousness, the rescue continued. Two hours later, she was freed and transported to a carto begin the four-hour journey to Scheer Memorial Hospital.

Soniya underwent five surgeries for multiple injuries and it took over three months for her to recover. All the while she was at the hospital, her mother was by her side. During this time, Soniya’s mother was also able to get a job in the hospital cafeteria and came to learn about the school behind the hospital.


One day, Soniya’s doctor asked her what she wished for in her heart. She quickly responded, “I want to go to school”. This was a wish that could easily be granted. The doctor spoke to the school principal about this eager-to-study girl who was still hopeful despite all that she had been through.

After her recovery, she was admitted to the ESA Memorial School. Today, Soniya is thrilled to be able to attend her first-grade classes. She is a student — just like she wished.

When you choose to sponsor a child, today, you can impact a child like Soniya. Are you ready to sponsor a child, now? Nay Tha, is a boy waiting for a sponsor like you to give him hope.  Give us a call at (866) 569-7933 or email us at to sponsor Nay Tha, (U19891).

Sponsor Nay Tha Today

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Our Special Needs Children

Our Special needs Children

Try going a whole day without your cell phone. For many, that would be next to impossible yet there are those who live without something more precious than a cell phone—sight or hearing. Asian Aid is very proud of two specific schools in India that provide education for children who are blind or deaf.

Asian Aid’s School for the Blind is in a lovely rural setting in the northern part of the state, Andhra Pradesh. The School for the Hearing Impaired is in Kollegal, south of the city of Bangalore.

Children born into poverty do not always get the opportunity to go to school. Compound poverty with blindness or deafness and the likelihood of receiving an education drops even lower. For the students at Bobbili Blind School and the deaf school in Kollegal, they now have the chance to go to school despite their special needs.

They are surrounded by staff and teachers who love them, understand them and find creative ways to help them learn instead of sitting at home doing menial tasks. They are building confidence for a better and brighter future.

Deaf School Teacher

It does not stop there. Parents of our special needs children are also given hope. They have hope knowing that there is someone who knows how to communicate with their child and resources to help them learn.Their children now have a chance at getting a job and contributing to the family in the future. With tears in their eyes, they are eternally grateful!

Asian Aid Australia is no longer able to fund some these children so we have stepped in to keep hope alive. Would you consider sponsoring one of over 20 new special needs children today? Together we can continue to change their lives for the better. You can give us a call to sponsor a blind or deaf child or give a gift towards the Blind and Deaf School Funds.

The impact on the lives of our special needs children has not gone unnoticed. Larry Evans, Special Assistant to GC President, Ted Wilson, recently returned from a trip to India.


“After visiting India last month, I just want to pay tribute to Asian Aid and its supporters for the work it does for orphans and the deaf and blind. Without the support of Asian Aid, our church would not be able to carry out this key mission outreach. The GC is very aware of the support of Asian Aid to the mission of these schools, homes and mission schools in five countries. Lives are being changed!”
Larry Evans Special Assistant to GC President

Thank you for your continued support of children that are misunderstood and often cause shame for their families. It may seem as though you’re only providing an education but you are empowering a child to see beyond their weaknesses to the person they can become.

When you choose to sponsor a child, today, you can impact a child with special needs. Are you ready to sponsor a child, now? Sandesh, is a boy waiting for a sponsor like you to give him hope.  Give us a call at (866) 569-7933 or email us at to sponsor Sandesh (U20683).

Sponsor Sandesh Today

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