All He Needed Was Support


Dev grew up in a small remote village not knowing from day to day what his future would be like. In such a challenging situation, uncertainty is bred. Will I ever get to go to school? Will I be able to make a living one day? Will I be able to provide for my future family?

However, when Dev joined the Asian Aid program, uncertainty turned into hope. Hope fueled his determination and brought his dreams to life. Today, he is a leading scientist in the Bio-Medical research industry in India. Although, as a child, he didn’t know what the future held, he learned that God is very gracious and loves His children.

Now, Dev chooses to Give Hope…Today!




One Minute Story: Dev

Dev was a student who received sponsorship through Asian Aid when he was a child. Now, he’s a leading scientist in India who gives back to the organization who once helped him.

When you give to Asian Aid, the impact can be seen for years to come. Dev was once a child sponsored by Asian Aid who has now decided to give back. Current children and children of generations to come are all affected with your donation.