Sponsor This Child: Ramesh Mallela

We would like for you to meet Ramesh Babu Mallela from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Ramesh Mallela

This sharp young man is 10 years old going into the 7th grade. Full of energy, he is happy because he has a new school, Ongole SDA School, which he loves. In this new school, he enjoys playing with his new friends and helping to clean up the campus during the work program.

Ramesh’s comes from a low income family in which his father is a day laborer and his mother works in a tailor shop. Although his parents are uneducated, they had a strong desire for Ramesh and his brother to get an education.

Recently the Mallela family heard about Jesus and his love and accepted him as their Savior. This change also brought about the desire to put Ramesh and his brother in Adventist Education.

Ramesh has a new faith and a bright future. All he needs is someone to help him along the way; someone to encourage him and share why they love Jesus too.

Choose today. Sponsor Ramesh!

email support@asianaid.org or call (866) 569-7933

Sponsor This Child: Gaitry, 7th Grade

Gaitry is a girl in the seventh grade in Jeypore at Immanual Boarding School.

Her father died and her mother is a laborer, but cannot afford to send her to a Christian school. When she grows up Mother cannot afford to send her to a Christian School. Very poor family. When she grows up she would like to become a nurse. She likes to dance and swing, and her grades and health are both good.


Sponsor This Child: Sandeep Kumar Doneparthi

Sandeep is eight years old and is in sixth grade at Fjarli Academy in India.


Sandeep is from a village about a seven-hour drive from the school. He’s from a Hindu background, but his parents have a strong desire to educate Sandeep in the Adventist school. His parents are both living and in good health, but as vegetable vendors, they don’t make enough to support his education completely.

Sandeep’s teachers say that he is honest, smart, quiet and determined. He likes to play cricket and volleyball, and is the tallest boy in his class! They also say that Sandeep is a helpful and faithful student and he studies well.